Literature Review On The Foundations Of Bilingual Education

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Literature Review The population of English language learners has been increasing in the last decade. In 2011–12, ELL students in cities made up an average of 14.2 percent of total public school enrollment, ranging from 10.9 percent in small cities to 16.7 percent in large cities (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics). The U. S. Census Bureau (2011) projections indicate that by 2023, 50% of the student population under 18 years of age will be composed of minority students. According to Ates, Kim and Grigsby (2015), offspring of immigrants are the fastest growing youth population. As a result, these children are driving a change in the schools by making them more culturally and linguistically diverse. The objective of this review is to present valuable information about the foundations of bilingual education, the bilingual educational programs, and the advantages and disadvantages of bilingual education.
Foundations of Bilingual Education Historically, in the United States many languages from all over the
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Bilingual education programs cost too much when compared to the results. If a student does not take advantage of the program, all the money spent on this student is a waste. According to Roberts (1995), bilingual education programs require a high level of community support and involvement, both financial and human, by both majority and minority speakers. They are more complicated to set up, and the scheduling of students, teachers, and classes requires more effort (pp. 376). Nowadays schools have been forced to cut back on programs like music and art; spending money on bilingual programs and not getting the desired results could have catastrophic consequences. For instance, if schools do not show adequate yearly progress of all English language students enrolled in a bilingual program, federal funding will be cut leaving these students with no other option than try their best to learn

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