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“Richard Gilman, American Theater Critic: An Appreciation” is another brilliant piece of literature by Bert Cardullo. The article itself talks a little more about the differentiation between reviewers and critics, but focuses deeply on one particular critic: Richard Gilman. This time, the main theme for this article is Theatrical Critics. “Richard Gilman, American Theater Critic: An Appreciation” was published in 2011 and is one of the most current researches done on this topic. As previously discussed in an earlier review, the author, Bert Cardullo, does not have much of a background based on this article. It does not state if he belongs to a particular institution or organization. However, with this article to compare to the previous one, it proves more than ever that Cardullo is very knowledgeable on Theatre as a whole.
The general overview of the subject matter in this article is that Cardullo provides more detailed information on the difference between a Theatrical Critic and a Reviewer. More especially, Cardullo gives a historical perspective on how Richard Gilman made an influence on American Theater as a Theatrical Critic. Based on his article, Cardullo mentions that the “point about reviewers is that they exist, consciously or not, to keep Broadway functioning within stated grounds. They preserve it as the arena for theatrical enterprises that may neither rise above an upper limit determined by a line stretching between the imaginations of Lillian Hellman, William Inge, and Richard Rodgers, nor sink beneath a lower one marked out by the inventiveness of and sense of life of Norman Krasna, Harry Kurnitz, and Garson Kanin” (Cardullo, 2011). This statement basically says that Theatrical reviewers are mean...

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...about reviewers and critics, as well as describes the successful career of one important Theatrical Critic. This article will help me towards my research because it allows me to see what are the pros and cons with this person as a critic. Based on the article, it seems that “through such writing [critics] exemplifies the maxim that it is the critic who makes the subject, and not the subject that makes the critic” (Cardullo, 2011). For my next steps, I will research a well-known Theatrical Reviewer and then compare him/her to Richard Gilman. Upon completing this step, I believe that then I will have a strong foundation to assist me in beginning the actual process of interviewing people and recreating the play for a better public consumption.

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