Brechtian And Musical Theatre

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A Greater Purpose “The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation,” says Stella Adler. Theater is unique and intriguing because it blends literary and visual arts to tell a story. Throughout the course, I have learned that understanding aesthetics and sociopolitical history is essential for appreciating and applying theater in the real world. Brechtian and musical theatre styles, such as applying musical theatre in RENT, are effective methods to convey crucial historical and social messages, utilizing theater as a platform outside of the arts and for a greater purpose of positive social change. Brechtian theatre, also known as epic theatre, strives to keep the audience objective and prevents them from…show more content…
A-effect is when “the actor use[s] a somewhat complex technique to detach himself from the character portrayed, encouraging the spectator to look at the play’s situation from such an angle that they became subject to his criticism” (Brecht 125). Gestus is a clear character gesture or movement used by the actor that captures a moment or attitude rather than actually delving into an emotion (Brecht 128). An example of gestus is Mother Courage’s silent scream in the face of her son’s dead body. Her silent scream is perceived to be unrealistic, deeming Mother Courage as a fictional character. The intention to avoid emotional connection leaves the audience judging the characters and their situation, instead of empathizing with…show more content…
I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of how theater is more than a performance, but rather an art form with nuance and depth. I’ve been introduced to the Brechtian theater style, and I’ve learned more about the musical theatre style. After studying RENT, I am inspired by the various possibilities for theater beyond acting, singing, and dancing. Theater can be used as a form of activism or commemoration. Theater is so much more than a dramatic presentation. Theater can relay a greater purposeful message about society amidst the theatricals on stage. Brechtian and musical theatre styles are two efficient and ideal methods for raising awareness about social phenomenons and issues because Brecht’s style makes the audience think and analyze the purposes and themes, while musical theatre is a medium that communicates those matters to reach large

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