Literary Devices In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Literary devices are useful for giving stories many unexpected twins and turns, makes people imagine what the view looks like, and helps reveal a hidden meaning. In “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin, she uses many different literary words to be more descriptive. There are many stories that always use literary devices. They are used to help add more character to the story being written. It could have more than one term throughout the whole passage as long as it helps give its meaning. Some types of literary terms Kate Chopin has used throughout this passage are symbolism, imagery, allegory, and used to make a dull story into a great one by simply adding in some of these literary terms. They help by giving the reader a bit more intensity,…show more content…
Kate Chopin successfully defined things as the characters, theme, and setting tp put the reader into their frame to fully understand and feel the story. it is important to the reader to know the meaning of each literary device used in the passage they will be reading in order for them to understand the story right and to know what they mean. If the reader does not understand the passage, the message the author puts out there is probably because he or she did not know the definition to one or more of the terms used in the short story. Since Kate Chopin has used different types of literary devices, it is good to know the definition to those word to better understand “The Story of An Hour”. This story uses a lot of irony throughout the whole passage as well as imagery and symbolism. Each literary device has been set within its own meaning in the story. Using these literary devices that Kate Chopin used, it was what helped make the story into a great one. it makes it be more descriptive in the way the reader views things while reading it. One of the terms Kate Chopin uses is Imagery in The Story of An Hour”. Imagery is the formation of mental images, figures, or likeness of things, or of such images collectively.(Merriam
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