Literary Analysis Of Batm The Dark Knight Returns

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985 words

When comics were first coming out, they were not all that popular but in todays’ world, they have become very popular and well known. Several of these comics have been turned into films, which is one of the many reasons why the popularity has been rising over the years. One of the most well known comics is Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. This comic was composed and released in 1986 by Frank Miller. With the usage of Frank Miller’s powerful, intense lines and the artwork done by Klaus Janson’s and Lynn Varley’s it has elevated this comic up to the very top of mainstream comics. In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, the skillful illustrations on the pages successfully create the thought that there are underlying meanings, which makes the atmosphere a very intense one throughout the comic. The work of art that is presented on the pages in this comic are embedded in such a way that the pages become the continuum for the meaning. One of the main themes that are imbedded on the pages through the artwork in this book is the ideological struggle between Bruce Wayne and Batman.
Bruce Wayne uses all of the strength he possesses in order to keep Batman from being free despite his relentless struggles to break free from the chains …show more content…

Batman is a hero during the night that protects the people of Gotham city to the best of his capability and is willing to sacrifice everything, even his true identity. Then there is Bruce Wayne, who is a very rich, spoiled playboy that does not care about anything other than him and the luxurious lifestyle he lives. The ideological struggle between Batman and Bruce Wayne is very important in this book because everyone at some point struggles between who they actually are and who they want to be. The way Frank Miller portrays the struggle in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is truly a work of

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that comics have become popular and well-known in today's world. batman: the dark knight returns was composed and released in 1986 by frank miller.
  • Analyzes how the use of dramatic lines and constant shadows create the imagery of captivity and the innermost thoughts and struggles that bruce wayne possesses deep inside.
  • Analyzes how frank miller's intention flows out of the page by the symmetric structure of panels, deliberately and metaphorically. the physical mirror structure regarding the character of two-face seamlessly corresponds to his split personality.
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