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409 words

Music is a form of art that can affect the brain, causing for a positive outcome that can be used to create a more successful person. The brain is affected by the rhythm, tune, and words (if any used) of music, which can lead to different perspectives on it. The different perspectives of music do not affect the improvements of listening to certain types of music to be more sufficient with learning and memorizing, but rather affects the therapeutic side of music. The music listened to can be utilized in classrooms as an advancement for students who are struggling with the learning methods of their teacher. Certain researchers have taken an interest in music and the effects it has on how students learn, and they have found certain genres of music pertain the right elements to increase the brain’s ability to remember and learn information taught at school or studied at home. The types of music …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that music affects the brain, causing for a positive outcome that can be used to create more successful people.

The human brain breaks apart the complicated pieces of music and brings it back together as the person hears it all at once, which causes the brain to be affected greatly by music since it hears all of it separate and at once. This data can encourage school systems to discuss if there should be new policies for music to be allowed in schools, certain classrooms. etc. or whether there should not be any new due to the idea of it being uncontrollable. There are many researchers who have used different methods and have figured out that music can affect society to be better educated, therefore the research of the effect of music on the brain verifies that there are many ways music can help human society (if used correctly) and this causes the research to be

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