Lions for Lambs

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In the movie Lions for Lambs, the Senator sits behind his desk, his face one of excitement and determination. He is talking about the new war on terrorism. As he is speaking , a reporter takes notes. Then he speaks of the terrorists’ view on the last 1300 years of human progress and how they consider it as heresy and that it is punishable by death. We, as Americans, cannot comprehend this idea, as we are always look to the future and progress as a blessing for us and our children. Our faith promotes tolerance and love for our fellow man, so we wonder how a religion can turn people into such unforgiving terrorists. The Islamic faith, which grew from a military basis, is unable to separate the religious aspects from the ruling body, leaving its religious tenants and civil laws open to individual interpretation and an intolerance for other religious beliefs. Because the history of the Islamic faith was built on the unification of the tribes of Arabia they became a powerful force. “ Islam from its inception, is a political as well as a religious movement, and the themes of religion, politics and law are inseparable in the Qur’an and in Islam as a whole.” (Richard Connery, William Dudley) The Muslim military is the rock and foundation on which the Islamic and Muslim faith is built on.
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