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Do you ever wonder what it was like being a teenager or experiencing life in 1980's? When acid-washed jeans and denim jackets became popular with both men and women, and MTV was first aired. When artist like Madonna and Michael Jackson ruled the charts and hip-hop was first introduced. Teenage boys looked like George Michael with an ear-ring on the left side and girls looked like either Blondie or Cyndi Lauper with the side pony tail. It was a time when President Ronald Reagan and “Reagan-nomics” ruled the United States and shows like Save By The Bell reign supreme among teenagers.

Yes the 1980’s were a very special decade in the United States, yet we are going to mainly focus on 1989 because that’s the year I was born in. Along with my birth being a special and important date to me, there were many famous as well as infamous people that accomplished a lot and were recognized or punished accordingly to their actions that year. But there were only three people in particular that caught my attention and believe to be worth talking about in this assignment. These three individual are Gunpei Yokoi, Tappan Morris Jr and Denzel Washington. All three men distinctively different yet all accomplish something important during the year 1989.

In its third generation of game consoles in the 1983, people were introduced to game systems like the Nintendo Family Entertainment System (or Nintendo Entertainment System) and the Sega SG-1000. These high-tech consoles ended the video game companies bankruptcy that was caused by a mass production of low-end games which lost an immense amount of consumers, this was named the “North American video game crash of 1983” or the “Atari Debacle”( Bellis ).

When video games came to a dramatic rise afte...

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