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Alexis Champagne English III Lori Liverman April 1, 2014 Childhood Leukemia Childhood leukemia is a challenging disease with many treatment options that affects many families around the world today. Childhood leukemia is a disease that was discovered during the 1800s that today has many different types of treatments. Childhood leukemia is a devastation that many families must work together with the support of doctors to comfort the individual that is facing the disease. Leukemia is a “cancer of the blood or bone marrow (which produces blood cells). A person who has leukemia suffers from abnormal production of blood cells, generally leukocytes (white blood cells) (N.p., n.d. Web). The first discovery of Leukemia was around the time in the 4th or 5th century B.C.E. by a man named John Hughes Bennett and was believed too be found in a dinosaur bone (History of Leukemia). One of the most common types back then would have been arsenic. Arsenic is a “condition caused by ingestion, absorption or inhalation of dangerous levels” (History of Leukemia). It can be found around the world in groundwater. Some of the patients symptoms may have been things like fevers, night sweats, bone pain, swelling and pain the left side, and feeling very drowsy without having a reason why. When people would get chemotherapy (drugs injected to the vein) the resistance to tolerance may have gone up. Only because the patients immune system would be involved with infections. To determine the patients treatment there would have to be some testing done. The first thing the doctor may to is a physical exam. The patients doctor would look for things like physical signs of leukemia such as pale skin, swelling of lymph nodes or swelling of liver and spleen. Pa... ... middle of paper ... ...xt of pediatric cancer treatment/research, conducted parent interviews, and administered clinician questionnaires to examine these issues” with the 14 children. Some of the parents were asked some of the similar questions but were asked much less (Quinn, Olechnowicz Joseph, Eder Michelle, Simon Christian, Zyzanski Stephen, and Kodish Eric). If the patient does not survive through it all the same people such as the patients doctor, or a therapist to help the family through that difficult time (Long-Term Outlook.). In conclusion for Leukemia with children, since it is a challenging disease there aren’t much things doctors are able to do. Though they are working on new way to help fight it all off, it also depends on your body and how well it may affect it. Having the patient’s family there can and will possible may help through it all and hope for a good outcome.

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