Letter Of The Garden Ridge City Council

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1. Call to Order With a quorum of the City Council members present, Mayor Knaus called the regular meeting of the Garden Ridge City Council to order at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, in the City Council Chambers of the Garden Ridge City Hall, 9400 Municipal Parkway, Garden Ridge, Texas 78266. 2. Pledge of Allegiance Councilmember Thompson led the Pledge of Allegiance. He asked for everyone to remember Pearl Harbor Anniversary is today. He also asked everyone to remember that our freedom has come at the cost of soldier’s life. He encouraged residents to honor and thank our military who has fought for our freedom in the past and currently. 3. Proclamations, Recognitions and/or events a) Employee recognitions and/or City events i. Life Saving Award to Officer Corey Hackenberg Ron Eberhardt, Police Chief, read the Life Saving Award to Officer Corey Hackenberg and presented him with a pin and certificate. He also thanked Officer Holly McKay for assisting Officer Hackenberg on the call, which saved the life of a resident. ii. Recognitions for City employees Nancy Cain, City Administrator, stated a Public Work employee received a thank you for his assistance with their tree measuring. Councilmember Trial thanked the Public Works Department for all their help and assistance they provided during the 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration. b) Proclamation i. Comal County Crime Stoppers 30th Anniversary Proclamation Mayor Knaus read the Proclamation that congratulated and thanked the Comal County Crime Stoppers for 30 years of service. Comal County Deputy Hendon assigned to Crime Stoppers introduced the Board Members who were present. He stated it is important to solve crime, but often there is time to get rew... ... middle of paper ... ...ied that issue. The City Council discussed the time frame and process of trapping and loading the deer into the trailer, the trapper and the processor. Cynthia Trevino, City Attorney, stated the City of Garden Ridge is a General Law A City and has no authority to put a referendum on the May 2017 Election Ballot. Motion: Upon a motion made by Councilmember Trial and seconded by Councilmember Lantzy, to have the City Council authorize the City Administrator to immediately seize Deer Management Program if Texas Parks and Wildlife ever notifies the City they violating the recommended trapping procedure or not method being use, are deemed to be cruel to the animals until then the Deer Management Program continues until every permit the City has is filled or expires. The City Council voted four for (4) and one (1) opposed (Councilmember Arvidson). The motion passed.

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