Mayor Adrian Fenty

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Adrian Fenty’s tenure as mayor of Washington D.C. is a perfect example of the impact of black elite displacement. For one thing, the difficulties faced by a political entrepreneur are the direct result of running a deracialized campaign. A deracialized candidate cannot ignore the black vote and the ideal of linked fate especially if African-Americans comprise a majority of the electorate. Additionally, elite displacement can be observed in an open race where the incumbent has picked a successor. As a political entrepreneur, Fenty could not depend on the black political establishment to be of assistance to his campaign. As a result, Fenty was forced to seek assistance elsewhere. Most notably, in his first election Adrian Fenty was endorsed by the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. In contrast, his opponent, Linda Cropp was endorsed by Eric H. Holder who at the time was the deputy U.S. attorney general. However, for mayor Fenty the lack of support from the black political establishment did little to stop him fro m winning his election. In fact, in the 2006 election, Fenty won every ward with huge margins (Montgomery 2006). Moreover, Fenty did extremely well in ward four. “The ward is home to much of the city's black political establishment, including Fenty's chief rival, D.C. council chairman Linda W. Cropp”(Montgomery 2006). In spite of this, Fenty was not as fortunate in his reelection campaign. Apparently, “Fenty misunderstood a changing city”(DeBonis 2010). DeBonis (2010) believed Fenty's campaign was betting that the electorate in Washington D.C. s would become richer and whiter. He began to raise a majority of his funds from white residents of D.C. and out side groups. For example, Mark Zuckerburg, co-founder of Fac... ... middle of paper ... ...ilable from: Regional Business News, Ipswich, MA. Accessed November 12, 2013. Stewart, Nikita . Fenty spends more than $1.8 million in two months to fend off Gray. Washington Post, The [serial online]. n.d.:Available from: Regional Business News, Ipswich, MA. Accessed November 12, 2013. Gillespie, Andra. The New Black Politician: Cory Booker, Newark, and Post-racial America. New York: New York UP, 2012. Print. Geiger, Kim. "Washington Mayor Faces Reelection Battle despite Accomplishments." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 14 Sept. 2010. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. Schwartzman, Paul, and Chris L. Jenkins. "How D.C. Mayor Fenty Lost the Black Vote - and His Job." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 19 Sept. 2010. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. Montgomery, Lori. "In Sweep, Fenty Draws On Uniting To Conquer." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 14 Sept. 2006. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

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