Lesson Plan Summary

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Day One

Objective 1 (Explaining & Understanding): Students will review the definitions of bias and point of view. Students will be taught how to determine bias and point of view (word choice).

Summary of Lesson 1: Class will begin with students listening to the song “In the Living Years” and be asked to underline words that make them feel something. I will use this as my hook into our unit. Students will be given a brief overview of the unit and then we will move into the demonstration portion of class. A Brainpop.com video will be shown that reviews point of view. As a diagnostic I will use the post test as a pre test and have the students track their scores before and after the video. Following the video and post- test I will have a brief Q & A that reviews that definition and understanding of bias. As a class we will read 2 different short stories and analyze bias and point of view in each of these. The teacher will indicate how certain words or word choice can indicate bias in order to model for the class. The first story will be more teacher led while the second the teacher will work with the students (scaffolding) until they are able to work through the text. As an independent activity students will be asked to complete a short worksheet that reviews bias and point of view based on the website www.martinlutherking.org.that will be posted on my P-board.

Assessment: I will informally monitor answers during the discussions that follow the short stories. I will also review the diagnostic tests to see if there are any major issues. The website worksheet will be collected and feedback will be given.

Day 2

Objective 2 (Interpretation and Application): Students will practice recognizing different parts of view...

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...ired work. Students will then be able to brainstorm in pairs and work on filling out their graphic organizers. Once the graphic organizer is complete the teacher will read through and allow student to move onto their rough draft if the students has shown comprehension of the task. Due at the end of class will be the graphic organizer for formal assessment. The completed memoir will be due at a later date for the authentic assessment.

Assessment: Teacher will informally assess students as they work on their graphic organizers. These will be collected at the end of class for a formal grade. However, at anytime the student may ask for teacher assistance when completing the graphic organizer. The authentic assessment of he completed memoir will be due at a later date and graded by a rubric that has been reviewed with the students at the beginning of Day 5.
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