Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is concerned with the use and possession. People who suffer from of sicknesses, like epilepsy and cancer may ask for medicinal marijuana, which legitimizes use and growth of marijuana as recommendations of the doctors’. The regulating medical laws, marijuana varies from one state to another and changes from time to time changes to meet the medical, legal and proper needs revolving around the use and marijuana possession. Sixteen states in America have legalized medical marijuana; so, clearing any doctor who recommend the use of marijuana and any patient who uses marijuana from any criminal offense as long as the act within the provision of the state laws
In addition, people must see and follow the limits and amounts of the recommended marijuana depending on a medical condition. The argument about legalization marijuana has pointed a lot of views. While, many people argue that marijuana should not be legalized, others raise their voices demanding to be legalized. For example, those how support argues that, marijuana has some medical benefits, especially in dealing with patients who suffer from chemotherapy. Moreover it helps in dealing with depression. So, legalization marijuana would allow people to take advantage of these medical benefits. On other hand, other people would argue that, legalization marijuana for medical purposes has led to increase users and substance abuse. Also, it has increased the levels of crime in society. So, in this argumentative I will analyze the impact of medical marijuana for medical purposes.
While marijuana is widely used in Unites States, it remains an illegal drug in the federal U.S law, which implies that marijuana is likely to abuse and has no proven treatment in the United Sta...

... middle of paper ... legalized the same. So users might be arrested regardless whether the state law protect them or not.
Medical marijuana has made a lot of arguments in the US drug policy. About 16 states have passed medical marijuana policies, which was first passed in California. However, the federal law illegalizes usage, possession and growth of marijuana. Many studies have led to different results in regard to marijuana use after the legalizing medical marijuana. Moreover, many studies have proven that medical marijuana increased the number of marijuana user. In addition, medical marijuana decreased the spread of usage of other substances such as tobacco and alcohol. Contrarily, other studies have shown that the number has decreased after the medical marijuana was legislated. However, all studies agree that the rate of usage increased for both licensed and unlicensed users.
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