Persuasive Letter Legalizing Marijuana

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Texas Junior Senator Ted Cruz
Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Cruz, As a resident of the state of Texas, I’d like to raise awareness an issue that affects our entire country, yet can be resolved by changing many of the regulations in our own state. This issue is the legalization of marijuana; specifically, the legalization of recreational use. In the past you’ve openly supported the rights of the states to control their own laws in regards to things like marijuana use, but opposed to the idea of ever voting for it should it appear on Texas ballots. However, I will explain how it’s in the best interest of your state, and the nation to start thinking otherwise. To begin, any personal disdain for recreational
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Students, graduates, those seeking jobs, and normal working-class Texans (not anybody working in the top 1% though) face criminal charges for an arguably harmless act. Why do I bring this issue to you though? I don’t smoke illegally and likely won’t anytime past legalization, but that doesn’t change how it effects those around me. The mindset of the public is repulsed at the primitive reaction of our government towards something so strikingly beneficial that you seem oblivious to have not picked up on this trend that is demonstrating such financial and social promise. And now a student from our very college could face 54 years in prison for 14 counts of misconduct relating to marijuana(6). The Alumna has a very promising career in the music industry, but might possibly spend half a decade behind bars, ruining any chance of that career taking off, and upsetting many here at the University of Texas at Arlington for the lack of kindness and generosity from both her old home, and Alaska, despite the recent legalization of marijuana [in Alaska]. These cases arise all over the state and to be frank, it’s horrible; losing one to such a petty crime. As I said in the beginning, I’ll put aside the personal anecdotes, though “personal” doesn’t really begin to describe how massively relatable this misfortune is. I’ll focus on the national benefits to our case, looking
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