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A tort, in civil law, refers to a negligent or intentional act and a civil wrong which causes harm to another party. Therefore, the legal definition of tortfeasor refers to individuals who commit such wrongful acts. The injured parties in torts are allowed by law to seek recompense or restitution. To further explore this concept, please consider the following clearer legal definition of tortfeasor:
Legal Definition of Tortfeasor A tortfeasor, according to law, refers to an entity or individual who commits a civil wrong, or tort, for which the law allows the injured party to seek relief.
Tort law is derived from both statutory law and common law. Its goal is to provide relief for individuals and entities that have been harmed as a result of civil wrongdoing. Tortuous conduct, therefore, refers to the committing of a civil wrong/tort. …show more content…

c) Strict Liability Torts
According to the legal definition of tortfeasor, these torts refer to acts that cause damage - regardless of intent, fault, and the care taken by the wrongdoer.
However, it is important to understand that tortuous conduct doesn’t include wrongs that were committed through a breach of contract. Contract law, which is a separate category in civil law, governs breach of contract/trust issues.
Tortfeasor Liability
The damages that a tortfeasor might be held liable for are not limited to medical expenses and physical injuries. Often, tortfeasor liability might include reparations and/or payment for emotional distress, property damage, monetary damages and/or violations of civil rights and privacy.
The liability will, therefore, follow a variety of such wrongful acts as false imprisonment, environmental pollution, infringement of intellectual property rights and copyright, product liability, defamation of character, and vehicle and other

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  • Explains the legal definition of tortfeasor, which refers to individuals who commit wrongful acts. the injured parties in torts are allowed by law to seek recompense.
  • Explains intentional torts are wrongs committed by tortfeasors when they knew (or should have known) some sort of injury/damage would occur as a result of their actions or failure to act.
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