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    2. The merits of an action for breach of contract and tortious negligence against Professor Stephen Squeers for defective design of the property TORT: However, Miss Dross Flop’s another possible claim can be in tort of negligence. Miss Dross flop will have to prove that Professor Steers owed her a duty of care as he took the responsibility to build according to her plan. And she will have to prove that he breached his duty by failing to perform his duties according to a reasonable standard due to

  • Tort Law

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    Tort is a branch of private law that deals with civil wrong committed against an individual, including legal entities such as companies rather than the state. Tort law can be described as a body of obligations and remedies applied by courts in any civil proceeding to offer relieve to an individual who has just suffered emotional or physical harm as a result of the wrongful acts of others. In this case, the individual who suffers a personal injury is known as the plaintiff, while the person responsible

  • The King of Torts

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    range from multi million dollar cases (including the bank crisis, or the car business for example) to less severe cases called torts. A tort is a legal term defined as “ A wrongful act that does not include breach of contract. This offense damages the injured parties property or reputation, leaving that party able to gain compensation.” ( The book The King of Torts is about a man named Clay Carter. He has a stable job, it doesn’t pay as much as he wishes. He in the scheme of one week goes

  • Legal Torts

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    comparing several events that have taken place at BUG, Inc. with their competitors, employees and customers. Comparison of the events and the legal torts that are being violated will be reviewed for each incident. We will discuss areas that the company or the employee or customer should be taking further action. With the following examples of torts we can see that exposure to legal issues in the workplace is evident and we may need to be alert to what action should be taken as a resolution. WIRETAP

  • Tort Law And Tort Law

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    Tort Law (“TL”) is classified as one of the most important branch of Civil Law in this 21st century. TL is usually a recourse for aggrieved parties to seek remedy; most of the time contemplating financial compensation (“damages”) for having suffered due to the wrongdoings (“tort”) of others. It is constantly averred that one of the declared aims of TL is deterrence. However many have pinpointed towards the existence of other aims of TL, as being the medium; for blaming and claiming unreasonable monetary

  • The Tort of Negligence

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    “The categories of negligence are never closed”. [Lord Macmillan in Donoghue v. Stevenson- (1932)] The tort of negligence is a relatively recent phenomenon, which has come to become the most dynamic and rapidly changing areas of liability in modern law. Lord Macmillan’s assertion that “ the categories of negligence are never closed” suggests how courts possess the power to expand the area of liability by bringing in new duty situations as a result of new set of facts coming is everyday.

  • The Tort Law: The Law Of Tort Law

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    The law of torts is the law regarding to torts and tortfeasors, which means people who commit torts.[ Nicholas J McBride & Roderick Bagshaw.2005.2nd edition.Tort Law.p.15]Tort covers subjects such as negligence, trespass, defamation, and nuisance.The purpose of the law of torts is to allocate or prevent losses that are bound to occur in the society.[ W.V.H.Rogers.1984.Winfield and Jolowicz on Tort.14th Ed.London:Sweet & Maxwell.p.1] The dominant action in torts in negligence. According to Winfield

  • Tort Law: Negligence And Tort Law

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    Torts can be divided into two main categories; negligence and intentional torts. Negligence torts function as the hallmark of tort liability, and of tort law suits, are the most common. Under this legal premise, people have the responsibility to act with proper diligence and reasonable care and skill to avoid injuring other people. Intentional torts are civil wrongs that were committed deliberately. In contrast to a negligence act that is usually an accident caused by the lack of responsible care

  • Negligent Tort Case

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    Negligence Negligent torts are one of the most common types of tort cases. Negligent torts are cases that look at the actions of an individual or company that are not deliberate, but more so when an individual or company failed to act toward as a reasonable individual should, to someone whom he owes a duty to. Negligence action found in this particular tort can lead to personal injuries or monetary damages. The elements which constitute a Negligent Tort are defined as: a person must owe a duty

  • Negligent Tort

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    Negligence is a tort law and it falls within the civil law which means a civil wrong has been committed (Tort and Negligence, 2012). The American civil justice system, defines the law of torts as situations that occur when the wrongful conduct of one party causes harm to another individual (WiseGeek, 2003). The responsible party fails to act as a reasonable person to someone to whom she or he owes a duty, as required by law under the circumstances. Negligent torts are not committed purposely, and