Legacy of Derek Walcott and his Works

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A Nobel Award Winner and a popular West Indian literary writer, Derek Walcott was much known for his superb works on drama and poetry. Often times, his themes transgress the traditional boundaries that had been separating races, places and languages all over the world. Derek Walcott intended on exploring cross-cultural ethnicity, politics, power and places' history. A City’s Death by Fire and A Far Cry from Africa are two samples of many poem collections that he had written. Both of these came from the time when he published his first collection of poems in his book entitled "In a Green Night" (Davis 78). Because of Derek Walcott's masterful exploration on themes and stories about racial, culture, and history, it had given his poems a different feeling and experience.

With a twin brother, Derek Walcott was born and grew up in Castries, Saint Lucia. That was in West Indies and also a sister named Pamela Walcott. Coming from an African and European descent, Derek Walcott always reflects his colonial experience and history in the island through his poetry and literary works. His mother was a teacher who loved the arts and made sure that she recited poetry all over their house. His father was a painter and a poet but had died at early age of mastoiditis. Derek's family belonged to a Methodist community but was deeply influenced by the dominant Catholic traditions and beliefs of the area which was established during colonialism of France (Goldstraw 80).

With the factors and experiences that had influenced Derek's childhood and growing up, Methodism and spirituality played a significant role and was evident from the beginning of Walcott's work. It was mentioned that Derek Walcott never separated prayer from his writings and poetry. He...

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