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The dynamic nature of the economy, which has forced companies and even countries to file for bankruptcy, is very un-nerving for a person who plans to begin his business endeavor. The volatile environment did heighten my caution to an extent, yet my drive to be an entrepreneur did not quaver. Like many youngsters, my ambition was to set up my own business with the ever-real cause of money making. A realization to broaden the reason to further my ambition soon drifted from just monetary benefits to a passion. This was moreover, justified by my experiences at university and work. The various projects and internships I completed during my coursework in university and the exposure I am currently gaining working for Logistics Company has given me considerable insight on identifying opportunities dealing with threats and assess my own strengths and weakness. While my long-term goal is to start up my private venture, I do realize that launching a business is the easier part of it, but growing and sustaining it is the bigger challenge which can be achieved with the right marketing strategies. This solidified my interest in the field of marketing and motivated me to take up masters in this program.

I regard my schooling as a foundation for the career path that I have chosen. During my school days, I realized that I had a good mix of marketing aptitude, positive social traits and personal abilities required to excel in this field. One such realization came when I was elected as house captain and I got the opportunity to put into practice the qualities of leadership and being accountable. As a student my grades have been on an average of 80%, which is among the top 15 percentile of the school aggregate.

While school was the primary infl...

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... experiences have impressed upon me what I can gain on many platforms at this institution.

To achieve this, I would like to gain exposure to the latest practices adopted by the market in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. To this end, it is only reasonable that I be trained under a leading set of competent faculty and at an institution like yours that will leverage my ambition with the required focus and the strategic approach. As a student, I believe that admission into your Institute bestows upon me great responsibility to hard work and an obligation to keep up the quality. As a person aiming at perfection, I have always held my conviction about not losing out on quality even at a cost! I quote my professor in Statistics when I say…... I’d delay and submit a quality project than turn in something of lesser worth! I’d rather not commit a Type 1 error!
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