Leadership Qualities in John Wooden

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Leadership is one of the biggest and most important characteristics a person can have in life. Some people believe that leadership is what deciphers a child from being an adult. I believe some people are born with leadership and some people observe and breath in the leadership qualities of mentors and become better people. Also, to be successful you either have to be very lucky or have a pure internal beliefs about yourself and only positive outlooks in life. John Wooden is who i have selected to try and form my leadership characteristics around. He is a well spoken and the most "sought out to be" coach in all of basketball. He had many victories on the court but he also formed his players into men with his wisdom. Leadership affects my life in many ways. My father is a leader. He lead his company that he used to own to receive many awards. He is one of the nicest men i have ever met. My father is so easy to talk to and get along with. He got his amazing qualities from his father. I never had the chance to meet my real grandfather but from the stories i have been told it seems to me that he was one of the greatest people to walk this earth. "Big Daddy" is what my father calls him. We go to his grave in Chester Virginia every fathers day and see him. I have people come up to me on a weekly bases and tell me how great of a man he was. So many stories to be told about him, but not very many from my father. My grandfather inherited the business from his father. I have not heard much about him but i assume he was just as good of a man as my father and my grandfather. A leader steps up to the plate and does not cower away from a rough battle. A leader will prevail. I also try and form the leader i am becoming today by Doctor Allen.... ... middle of paper ... ...cords.("John Wooden Biography." ) Leadership and success come hand in hand. You cant only have one. People that are great leaders are successful. They need to lead the right people and stay true to themselves. The best thing a person can do to become the best potential leader is to read and learn about the most influential leaders of all time. A person has to have the right mind set and the most drive out of anybody else to become successful. They have to want to be more successful more than he or she wants to breath. Being a leader is not a trait. Its a way of life. Works Cited Herbert Clark Hoover. (2014). The Biography.com website. Retrieved 10:34, May 16, 2014, from http://www.biography.com/people/herbert-hoover-9343371. "John Wooden Biography." -- Academy of Achievement. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 May 2014. .
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