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What exactly is a leader? Is a leader the line by line definition presented to you in a dictionary? Is it just the person that leads and commands a group or organization? Or is it something more? Something beyond the obvious managing and directing. Personally I believe Ronald Reagan embodies the exact definition of what a leader should be. Reagan once stated “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things, he is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Being a leader has nothing to do with being the best. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are the star quarterback or the leading soloist. It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest runner or how high you can throw your the rifle. What I truly think makes a person a leader is having the ability to do something more that far exceeds throwing a football or hitting a perfect tune. What makes a person a leader is having the ability for looking out for your team. It’s about putting the team above yourself. A leader has the ability to look out for each and every team member when they are struggling. They are always on call and ready to help despite the situation at hand. Leadership is just something that can’t be switched on and off. Leadership is something that remains with a person. It consumes the body in which it inhabits presenting it’s owner with the desire to look after the team not only on the field, but off. It allows the holder to truly care about their team because they want the best for it. It gives them the impulse to keep peace in the unity but still push them to amount to their greatest potential. As Ronald Reagan stated, leaders get the people to do the greatest things. If I were presented with the opportunity to be... ... middle of paper ... ..., colorguard ranks higher then softball. If occasion ever arise where colorguard and softball occur on the same night, I want you to know that I would always choose colorguard. As of right now, I have applied to become an assistant director of Park and Rec. I haven’t gotten any feed back yet due to that fact the application process is still open, however I did want to note that it possible. Park and Rec runs June-July in the early morning. If I got granted this amazing opportunity, I would be thrilled. I have time to focus on colorguard and would always be willing to improve the team. I am ready to focus and lead these girls to do amazing things this year. However, I do understand that they are many other girls applying for this spot and that I may not get this. All I want is for the West Central colorguard to do great things in 2014 with or without me as captain.
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