Layer Cake Theory Of Federalism

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1. According to the text book American Government Institutions & Politics, Federalism is “a political system in which the national government shares power with local governments (state governments in the case of the United States),” (Wilson et al. 51). Federalism is system in which sharing of powers is shared between the different levels of government in the United States. These different levels of government are Federal, State, and Local. However, there are different theories associated with federalism. One idea is the layer cake theory. The layer cake theory states that each part of government is separate and have own authority. People who believe in the layer cake theory believe federal government is the only level responsible for worldwide…show more content…
The state government will be responsible for state education. The local government is responsible for water, street department, police department, and fire department. Under the layer cake theory, federal government will not intervene in a state issue such as education, the state wouldn’t be responsible for local police departments, and local government will not be responsible for national defense. On the other hand, the marble cake theory believes all issues blend together and each level of government has some responsibility with all issues. For example, under the marble cake theory, education falls on majority at the state level, but local government regulates local school districts and federal government regulates that proper procedures are in school and that all state education is up to federal regulations. Another example is that when a governor declares state of emergency, the president at the federal level sends the National Guard. In the marble cake theory, each level of government works with each other and shares…show more content…
Polls express a reasonable accurate record of how people think on a given issue. Polls are snapshot results of opinion on a given day. The more recent a poll the better. A fair and accurate poll needs to be random, diverse, larger the better, unbiased, and independent of candidate affiliation. A good poll also gives the margin of error. A good poll has a 3-5% margin of error. Never take candidate polls as legit. The poll stapled to back of essay is a good pool. It is from an established independent poll call Public Policy Poling. The poll was taken October 6, 2015 which is recent. The poll doesn’t ask loaded questions, and accounts for religion, ethnicity, and culture to give separate results for different groups and then add the results all together to get a full poll. The margin of error for the overall survey is +/-2.7%. The complete poll with the questions asked and results can be found at

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