Law Enforcement: Israel & United States

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The criminal justice system in the United States is an important structure that can primarily be divided into three central divisions Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections each one operates separate from the others and yet coincide with the others as well. The criminal justice system is a global phenomenon, not solely bound within the borders of the United States, not a one shoe fits all; each country has created a form of criminal justice system suited to that country’s needs while allowing for cultural, economic, and historical aspects to influence the system’s development and operations. The law enforcement facet of the criminal justice system in any country very significant due to the fact the law enforcement area is responsible for the flow of people into the criminal justice system. Countries around the world have individual and unique approaches on the law enforcement aspect of the criminal justice system and when comparing any country, take Israel for example, to the United States attention to the structure, goals, requirements and personnel, equipment and statistics are necessary.
The United States law enforcement structure can be divided into three subgroups Federal, State, and Local. Each level can operate in set parameters regarding what crimes are within each levels scope of authority, known as jurisdiction. At the federal level agencies are tasked with upholding federal laws and regulations with some also focusing on antiterrorism efforts. There are numerous federal agencies some of the more commonly known are the FBI, ATF, and the DEA. Each one of the before mentioned agencies, along with the others not mentioned, primarily have a director and deputy director which are responsible for running the agency. Usua...

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...ed on defending the from any and all threats. The variance in personnel and amount of crime present can be accounted for by the population difference between the United States and Israel while still observing that both countries acknowledge a need for a diversely equipped force shall the moment arise. Despite Israel’s and the United States drastically different approaches to the structure and operations of the law enforcement aspect of the criminal justice system both countries agree on keeping the people safe from criminals and the even more dangerous terrorists. In fact law enforcement from the United States visit Israel and attend training seminars and conferences to learn and pool resources in regards to new techniques on dealing with terrorism, drugs, policing strategies, hand to hand combat, and any topic that can aid the other country (FIND ONE OF THE MANY).

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