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Latino Diabetes Initiative and It’s Success The Latinos Diabetes Initiative is a successful program that was launched in July 2002 by the Joselin Diabetes Center. This center is dedicated to defeating diabetes in all forms—as it is one of the global leaders in diabetes research, care, and education. Their goal is to prevent and cure diabetes for future or current patients. They are an independent, non-profit institution affiliated with Harvard’ Medical school, one of the best in the nations. The main focus though for the Latinos Diabetes Initiative is that they are aimed to give affected (with diabetes) and non-affected Hispanics improved lives with culturally oriented patient care, education, outreach, and research (source). The number of …show more content…

The total number of people who participated in Supermarket tours were roughly around 50. Though, the numbers seem to be a small amount out of the 56.6 million Hispanics in the United States, the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority, but it is still a difference maker. How is it Successful and Culturally Competent? The Hispanic community have a unique culture and traditional beliefs. For instance, Hispanics will cook unhealthy foods that contain high fats and salt. These foods can include carne asada, tamales, etc. Hispanic main dishes don’t have much leafy greens; mostly fats, salts, and carbs. This disease appears in mostly adults, but there is a rise in metabolic abnormalities that may affect many children and adolescents. The strong genetic disposition, the inadequate meal planning, and the lack of physical activity is the many of the reasons why 17 percent of all Latinos in the United States have diabetes. Nevertheless, this program can help improve the lives of the Hispanic community for current and future generations to come. Many Hispanics are not aware of this chronic condition and it is their mission for them to help understand with …show more content…

Prevention and outreach, detection and screen, research, and lastly, patient support. In prevention and outreach, they educate the Latino/Hispanic community by being culturally competent. They know every little statistic and history on the health aspect of the Latino community and it is their mission to help them in any way possible with these programs that they offer. There is a traditional game that Hispanics love to play and that is the lotteria also known as bingo in English. They do this activity called Health Bingo and this is a fun and educational tool that has taught these Hispanics the varieties of cancer as well as promoting healthy eating, exercise and early screenings. Another program is detection and screening. Research studies show that Latinos are diagnose with cancer when it is at a later stage and the turnout for this is that the survival rates are lower. The reason of this result is the minimal education on how to self-exam oneself and how costly screenings can be, especially if they don’t have health insurance. It is proven that Latina women are less likely to perform breast examinations, obtain a mammogram, and are less likely to seek medical care when they suspect something is wrong. In the United States, for Hispanics, it is said that they are three times more likely to not have health insurance. There are a variety of reason

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  • Explains that the latino diabetes initiative is a successful program that was launched in july 2002 by the joselin diabetes center.
  • Explains that the latinos diabetes initiative is successful and culturally competent because of its unique culture and traditional beliefs.
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