Kafka Metamorphosis Analysis

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Ben Leger
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Mr. Volding
In Kafka's Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, whose life is controlled by his work and family, wakes up a giant insect. Prior to this metamorphosis, Gregor obsequiously goes about his life of routine, despite his hatred for his works and a complete emotional disconnect between Gregor and the family which he works so hard to support. Gregor's metamorphosis marks an important transition in Gregor's life as well as an escape from the monotony of his previous life. Sokel theorizes that Gregor's metamorphosis allows Gregor to express previously repressed feelings of rebellion while not being held accountable for his these tendencies stating "The metamorphosis enables Gregor to become free and stay "innocent", a mere victim of uncontrollable calamity."(206). While his metamorphosis does allow him to free himself from some of the suffering, it traps him in a new cycle, trapped by his families obligation to help him. Throughout his life, Gregor is plagued by a cycle of suffering caused by his families dependence on him which leads to further alienation leading to a dependence on his family's dependence. Though Gregor is broken out of this cycle in his metamorphosis he does not find true freedom until his death.
Gregor, prior to his metamorphosis, is stuck in a cycle of suffering. He is a slave to his obligations and is alienated emotionally from the outside world. His life, ruled by his families dependence on him, around a job he neither choose nor enjoys. Gregor’s work so engrosses his life that there is no time for rest. He has not “had a day’s illness in his five years at the firm.” and that “if it weren't for my parents I’d have handed in my notice long ago.” (Kafka 1967) Gregor lives alarm clock ...

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...s he is stuck in a cycle of suffering caused by his obligations to pay off his family's debt, which causes him to become alienated creating a dependence on his obligations in order to interact with his family. His metamorphosis initially breaks him out of this cycle of suffering only to be thrust into a new one, living confined to his room and completely depending on them for his sustenance and well being. This dependence alienates him further from his family as his care and appearance become to much to bear for his family, leading to his death. in his death he is finally freed from the suffering that plagued his life as well as freeing his family from the burden of caring for him. Gregor's metamorphosis allows him to see the conditional nature that the love his family has for him. In death Gregor is finally freed from the cycles of suffering that plagued his life.
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