Essay On Lasers

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How has the use of lasers been beneficial to medicine?
The term Laser is an acronym that of Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Electromagnetic Radiation. These lasers have many applications in many different industries around the world. However, with new uses constantly being developed lasers are proving to be extremely beneficial to the world of medicine in particular. From laser imaging and disease diagnosis to curing and treating illnesses that were not curable previously. Medical lasers have already saved many lives worldwide.
Lasers have been recently used for purposes of cosmetic surgery. They can be used to remove wrinkles, removing birthmarks or discolorations, as well as many other developing applications. Lasers have only recently been used in such ways and many new treatments are being adapted.
However, lasers are also being used for more serious uses in medicine. Lasers are now being utilized in optometry and eye surgery to a great success. The unique characteristics that lasers provide have created many new treatments, for once incurable vision ailments. As t...
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