Laisey Academy Daycare

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For the community program review, I choose to review a local child care center in my hometown of Orange, New Jersey. This child care center is run by Ms. Ester Laurent and her assistant director Ms. Monica Saenz. However, the building and center is owned by Ms. Laurent and her sister. Ms. Laurent hold a Bachelors of Arts in Education, as well as state certification in early childhood. Ms. Laurent and her employees have a good relationship with each others, though some more than others. They are ready and willing to work from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave, again they are some who are more willing than others. The Laisey academy is part of a state certified program that caters to families who are part of state funded programs, by in which they provide assistance to low-income families who need child care due to work, work-related training and/or attending school. Although it is state funded, there are parents who pay for child care at the center out of their pockets or a combination of both. However, even though is a state funded program the employees are not paid by the state, but by the owner of the center.
The purpose and function of the center is to provide child care assistant and service to those that live in the neighborhood, aswell as those who are being helped by the government. They provide child care to children between the ages of three months to four and a half years hold during the hours of six am to six pm. They also serve as an after care academy to children between the ages of five to thirteen years hold. Where they have the permission from parent to walk their children from their school to the location of the academy. They are responsible to provide the children with a healthy snack ...

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...ey Academy is a great child care center that is fits the basic need of the children who attend and beyond. From learning different languages, to healthy meals and learning to help each other. Each and every child that walk through their doors are treated with the care and affection that they deserve. What impressed me the most was an event that occurred on the last day I was there. Earlier that week the children were learning how to sing different nursery rhymes in different languages, and when one little girl began to repeat the song in french on the morning of my last day, all of the children were able to repeat and sing the rhyme without any adult help. This was not only impressive because the children were able to repeat a song that they learned just four days ago, but also because the center always makes sure to embrace their students cultures in different ways.
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