An Article About Cost And Quality Of A Childcare Program

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There is a problem in Texas impacting children’s futures; many childcare centers and homes are not providing children with quality care. In an article about cost and quality in Texas childcare, child development experts Susan Eitel and Joyce Nuner quote a study stating “that [nationally] only 10% of infants and toddlers are in high quality [childcare] programs” (34). The term ratio describes the number of children one caregiver is watching. This number is one of the major factors in the quality of a childcare program. Organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children know as NAEYC release recommendations regarding ratios and accredit programs based on their compliance. Childcare centers and homes must comply with certain minimum standards enforced by Texas regarding ratios; however, these standards often set the bar lower than recommendations made by these early childhood experts. The current standards in Texas do not ensure that all young children receive quality care; for this reason, the Texas Department of Family Protective Services should strengthen the minimum standards regarding ratios to better regulate the quality of care children receive.
The minimum standards released by the Texas Department of Family and Protective services concerning ratios do an insufficient job of ensuring that children receive quality care. The NAEYC releases recommendations for childcare operations and as journalist Anthony Jennings puts it, these ratios “are considered the best practices to ensure the level of care is of high quality.” These allowed ratios depend on whether the daycare is a licensed center, a licensed home, or a registered home. While the ratios Texas minimum standards allows in al...

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...e Services only require the bare minimum of care for children. This is not acceptable, quality in childcare matters and it is time for us to change our expectations. Children deserve the best care that society and their parents can offer them. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is currently holding stakeholder meetings across the State. The purpose of these meetings, aimed toward parents and childcare providers, is to create a discussion about the current minimum standards. By attending these meetings, and making our voices heard, we as a society will be able to make a change. Requiring that every childcare operation meet the ratios recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children creates the possibility for every child to receive the best start in life. It is difficult to think of a better outcome from a policy change.

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