La Roulette Bijoux Case Study

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Company Description

La Roulette Bijoux is an online product- and service-based business offering handmade and customizable jewelry and collectible origami gifts. The targeted customer is the personalized shopper as well as the collector who is not only looking for an accessory or gift, but an item with an interesting, memorable and relatable story.
La Roulette Bijoux’s online shop is based on the global marketplace website Etsy, and operates out of a home-based workspace in the suburban Arima area. The business is a sole-proprietorship, owned and operated solely by Catherine Souddama with external resources consulted on a strict need basis.
La Roulette Bijoux will offer its clients new and exciting jewelry designs and gift ideas that are available for personalization. Custom, one-of-a-kind designs for any occasion can also be requested through a user-friendly interface. Catherine has a unique background with both business and creative skills, resulting in an intuitive approach that distinguishes the business. This competitive edge allows Catherine to bring both an aesthetic design focus as well as a realistic, quantitative mindset that adds value to the product and service offerings, creating items that have both creative elements combined with practical ideas. This is useful as the business caters to clients seeking a complete and efficient shopping experience.

In addition to product offerings, La Roulette Bijoux provides an engaging and user-friendly experience to the connoisseurs of shopping. Some of the services offered include custom listings, personalized requests, gift-wrapping and expedited shipping.
The pricing of products and services are typically estimated as an item-based cost. The approximate number o...

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...heir customers.

• Product Specialists: these offer similar items; larger operations can offer more product diversity to their customers.

PEST Analysis
Figure 1 (Appendix I) outlines the factors that may affect the operation of La Roulette Bijoux.

New technologies can make it easier for more customers to visit the online shop. Alternative payment methods can be accepted aside from the sole option of PayPal, which is largely an unfamiliar mode of payment in Trinidad and Tobago. More interactive avenues of communication to deliver a higher level of customer service can become available.

As La Roulette Bijoux is an online shop that ships internationally, changes in exchange rates can dramatically affect product prices. Changes in the economy can affect the income levels of the targeted market, resulting in a lower level of disposable income.

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