Knee Injury Prevention and Conditioning

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Knee Injury Prevention and Conditioning An estimated 50 million Americans have suffered or are suffering knee pain or injuries. Most of these pains, sprains, and strains could probably have been avoided with proper conditioning (Fox, 147). I have had knee pain since my freshmen year of high school and have finally taken the initiative to find some exercises that will help ease this pain, and build muscle strength in the surrounding areas to avoid another possible injury. Getting the support muscles of my legs in shape is one good way to lower the risk of knee injury. Therefore, a good conditioning program is needed. Exercises are certainly one answer, but all too often people consider exercise and activity as being synonymous. A good exercise regimen will provide overall muscular improvement. All muscles come in pairs, each one balanced by another that performs an opposite function. If either the hamstrings or the quadriceps become too strong, it can cause an inordinate pull on one side of the knee joint, predisposing the knee to stress and possible injury (Fox, 148)...

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