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Background Information: This experiment deals with motion. This study of motion is called Kinematics. Kinematics studies the possible motions. ( Kinematics is used to show the displacement of an object, the rate an object is moving (velocity), and the change in velocity (acceleration). This is graphed against time individually to determine if the motion is uniform or nonuniform and if the acceleration is uniform or nonuniform. Uniform motion is when an object has a constant speed and direction. Nonuniform motion is when there is either a change in speed or a change in direction. When the graphing has completed, other properties can be discovered like the instantaneous velocity. Instantaneous velocity is used to present the velocity of an object in a specific time when the velocity is changing. Vector and scalar quantities are also very important in this experiment. Vector quantities are any quantity that can be completely be described by a numeral, a unit and a direction. The most important feature of a vector is the direction. Examples of vectors include position, velocity, and acceleration, lift, drag and thrust. Scalar quantities are any quantity that can be described by a single numeral and the correct unit of measurement. Examples include time, distance and speed. The difference between scalar and vector quantities is that scalar quantities cannot describe change in direction. Therefore, vector quantities have two characteristics. It has a magnitude and a direction. Scalar quantities only have one characteristic which is a magnitude. ( Gravity is important in this experiment because this is the force that b... ... middle of paper ... ...rill ride. This is the water slide. The water slide is an inclined plane with lubrication (water) to make friction less when people travel down it. The water slide is different from the roller coaster because the water slide has lubrication. Since there is lubrication on a water slide, the inclined plane that is suitable in terms of safety is different from the roller coaster. Since there is less friction, the water slide can be much faster if allowed by federal law. Also, because there are less ways to keep people safe on a water slide the inclined plane must be less. When travelling down a water slide, there is no belt or safety harness. Rather there are tracks to keep you from straying away from the target. Creators of water slides cannot use the same techniques in planning a roller coaster. This is because of lubrication and limited opportunity for safety.

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