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Examining Projectile Motion
When I was younger, I’d always worry about not being able to reach an object or be able to score a goal in sports. Especially because of my short height, I’d have to find creative ways in order to achieve these things. Projectile motion is just a fancy way of describing the efforts I had to go through in order to throw a basketball into the hoop at a certain height, or hit a golf ball at a certain angle in order to aim it.
Projectile motion is used in our daily lives, from war, to the path of the water in the water fountain, to sports. When using a water fountain or hose, projectile motion can be used to describe the path and motion of the water. This technology was created by finding the angle at which the water would come out at a maximum height and the person using it would be able to drink it without leaning over too much. These types of projectile motion will be further explored and analyzed in this assessment.
There are five critical parts to understanding projectile motion and what it is: acceleration, velocity, displacement, maximum and minimum height, and the vertical and horizontal components.
Projectile Motion
Projectile motion is the force that acts upon an object that is released or thrown into the air. Once the object is in the air, the object has two significant forces acting upon it at the time of release. These forces are also known as horizontal and vertical forces. These forces determine the flight path and are affected by gravity, air resistance, angle of release, speed of release, height of release and spin
Useful for the military, projectile motion can now be used for a number of weapons; which is when an object (like a bullet or cannon) is thrown-projected- and mov...

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... resultant speed and, by the definition of the tangent, to determine the angle of which the object is launched into the air.

Here, we can use the vectors to use the Pythagorean Theorem, a2 + b2 = c2, to find the speed and angle of the object, which was used in previous equations.
In this assessment of the projectile motion of an object, I found that it can be applied to many useful situations in our daily lives. There are many different equations and theorems to apply to an object in motion to either find the path of motion, the displacement, velocity, acceleration, and time of the object in the air.
This evaluation has not only allowed me explore calculus more in depth, but also physics, and the way the world works. This has personally allowed me to explore the connections between math and real-world situations, which is hard to find in textbooks.

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