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  • Essay On Alpine Skiing

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    around 400 million. Alpine, Cross-country and telemark are all types of skiing and at least one of them is likely to interest anyone. If anyone has ever heard about or watched skiing it is probably alpine skiing. Alpine skiing is the most traditional and popular type of skiing. Some of the necessary pieces of equipment needed for skiing are, helmet, gloves, ski pants and jacket, goggles, ski poles, ski boots and bindings, and last but not least skis. There are ten alpine skiing events in the olympics

  • Skiing Industry's Impact On The Alpine

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    industries with substantial, adverse environmental impacts make efforts to regulate and minimize them. In this paper, I discuss the alpine skiing industry’s relationship to the alpine ecosystem and the environment as a whole. I use conclusive environmental research to analyze the effects of ski resort development and management on the alpine ecosystem, assess the alpine environment's relationship with climate change, and interpret the role ski resort management plays in protecting and sustaining the

  • The History and Events of the Olympics

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  • Kinematics

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    Background Information: This experiment deals with motion. This study of motion is called Kinematics. Kinematics studies the possible motions. ( Kinematics is used to show the displacement of an object, the rate an object is moving (velocity), and the change in velocity (acceleration). This is graphed against time individually to determine if the motion is uniform or nonuniform and if the acceleration is uniform or nonuniform. Uniform

  • Skiing and Snowboarding

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    Skiing and snowboarding are two very different sports, that have evolved and morphed together to define an entire global industry and are now tantamount as salt and pepper. Skiing was popularized decades before the conception of snowboarding however, snowboarding was conceptualized in part, by skiing. Skiing became a mainstay when it was introduced to the Olympics, it quickly grew to dominate winter sports all over the world. The world was shocked when snowboarding made its way onto the Olympics

  • The Causes Of ACL Injuries

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    ACL injury is quite prevalent in the United States. About every 1 in 3,000 people suffer from an ACL injury in their lifetime, and approximately 95,000 new incidences of ACL injury occur each year. The largest amount of these injuries occurs during sports which involve twisting, cutting, jumping and deceleration. The mechanisms that can cause an ACL injury are excessive valgus (outside of knee) stress, forced hyperextension, or forced external rotation of the femur on the a fixed tibia (Evans, 2001)

  • Aerial Skiing: Speed, Speed, And Skis

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    Aerial skiing is a sport that combines speed, technique, showmanship, strength, athleticism, and protection, because this sport can be remarkably menacing, the athletes need each and every one of these. In this sport, they are compelled to do numerous flips and tricks, which help them score higher. There are many qualities in freestyle aerial skiing that people don’t actually know about, here are some. In freestyle aerial skiing the goal is to get high in the air off of a two to four-meter jump

  • Essay On Mountain Biking

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    Mountain Bike Beginners Guide - Equipment You Will Need What is mountain biking? The sport of riding bicycles often over rough terrain and unpaved surfaces is called mountain biking. Specially designed mountain bikes are used for this adventurous sport. Through the years, there has been an increase in the number of people who are getting enthusiastic about mountain biking. Types of mountain biking disciplines • Cross country – it is basically riding bike up and down hills and is one of the most

  • Vonn: A Skiing Role Model

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    Lindsey Vonn, the world’s best alpine skier since 2005, has been a truly invigorating role model and positively influenced much of my generation. In an article for Oprah magazine Vonn says, "When kids recognize me now, whether they want an autograph, a high five, or to ask me my favorite color, I never say no ... I remember that if you stay upbeat you will have a huge impact on those around you." At the age of 9, one of her skiing idols, when Lindsey asked for an autograph, "coldly said no, and walked

  • Skiing

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    downhill skiing. It was a cold and dry November day. It hadn't been snowing much at the time, so most of the snow on the hills was that slick, jet blown, artificial-ice/pseudo-snow. Not exactly what a first timer likes to start on.My friend Michael had been trying to talk me into going on a skiing trip with him and the local Boy Scout troop for some time. I was afraid at first; I had heard many over-exaggerated stories from people who had claimed foul play, on the part of gravity, while skiing. So naturally

  • Descriptive Essay About Snowboarding

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    Over than span of four year snowboading ive made leaps and bounds in my ablilty to ride. Although what stands out to me the most was how much snowboarding langue I picked up. When your surrounded in the mico-culture of the moutain snowbaording langue is inexcapable. Therefore, being a snowboarder affects the type of langue you use on the mountain. While snowboarding your worries narrow, and the only thing that matters is the moment. Life moves at the speed of whatever you desire. It can be quite

  • Persuasive Essay On The Smoky Mountains

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    If you're a nature lover, Ober Gatlinburg might be the perfect place for you. The Smoky Mountains are right next door, and their spectacular views, rich wildlife and long hiking trails are all but guaranteed to leave you speechless. Gatlinburg itself is filled with fun places to visit, such as Ripley's Aquarium and Odditorium, the Sky Lift, and the many shopping malls and museums. During the winter season, the Ober Gatlinburg Amusement Park & Ski Area is a must visit for anyone interested in ski

  • Compare And Contrast Skateboarding And Snowboarding

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    Skateboarding vs Snowboarding Skateboarding has been around since the dawn of time, someone put 4 wheels on the bottom of a 2x4. Snowboarding came soon after when some reckless nut put a piece of wood with 2 binding on it and went down a mountain like a skier. Both extreme sports have been around for a long time and will most likely be here long after we are all dead. “The first type of skateboard was actually more like a scooter. These contraptions, which date back to the early 1950's featured

  • Working with the Handicap Ski Program

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    Working with the Handicap Ski Program The roots of adaptive skiing were in war and accidental injuries. In 1942 Franz Wendel was the first person to enter a competition for people who are handicapped. After suffering a leg amputation in the war, he fashioned a pair of crutches and attached them to short skis enabling him to crutch ski. By the late 1940's the Austrian Ski Association was financing a division for handicapped skiers while at the same time European and American programs at army hospitals

  • Types Of Skiing

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    Types of Skiing Downhill Skiing In Downhill skiing, competitors take a “set course from start to finish.” They take turns racing and each run is timed. The person with the fastest time wins. Downhill racers use ski poles to pick up speed at the start and for balance when they take turns. They try to keep there skis as close as possible to the snow. As he leaves the starting gate he activates an automatic timing mechanism. Downhill racing is the fastest Alpine ski racing sport. Champion skiers

  • Analysis Of Skiing On The Edge Of Death

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    Skiing On the Edge of Death Have you ever wondered what it is like to feel like you’re about to face death? Well keep this in mind; no matter how good a person is at something, there is still a chance of getting hurt, make sure to wear proper safety at all times. I am a skier that has 4-5 years of experience. Many crashes and falls have happened during my time skiing, but one event tops them all. It was like any other Saturday night, until everyone left me. I had to walk inside to grab something

  • Northeast Skiing Can't Keep Up WIth the West

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    Northeast Skiing Can't Keep Up With the West Skiers are very loyal athletes. They grow up learning on certain mountains and usually spend most of their lives skiing at those same ones. They remember every bump and turn on the way down. They know which lift to take because it is the fastest and has the shortest line. It takes a lot for a skier to stray from their normal habitat and adventure to slopes unknown. Actually, it takes two seasons of horrible skiing conditions, which is what the

  • Ski Stories, Retold

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    Ski Stories, Retold My parents were avid amateur skiers. For years they have told me the stories of their attempts down the hills and across the countries of Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Switzerland. My dad becomes animated, imitating the huffing and puffing of his trips and laughing until his belly bounces, a result of less physical activity since those adventures. My mom laughs more quietly and requires more questions to keep her stories going. But both remember the same highlights

  • The Similarities Between Snowboarding And Wakeboarding

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    Have you ever wondered different skills it takes to snowboard and wakeboard? There are actually many differences even though you would think they are super similar. Snowboarding and wakeboarding are sports that are on boards.They both come from snow skiing and waterskiing because people wanted to do more tricks and with a board you are able to do that. For snowboarding you go down a hill full of snow. Wakeboarding you are in water being pulled by a boat or jet ski. There are many differences between

  • How Ski Wax Affects The Friction Of Ski

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    which type of ski wax reduces the friction of the ski the best: rub on, paste, spray on, or hot? Skiing is a passionate sport to numerous people around the world. In this sport a skier’s feet are fastened to the ski with fixed heel binding to keep his feet is place as he makes his way down the mountain (“What is Skiing”). The bindings can attach and detach to the skier’s boot whenever it is necessary. Skiing boots have multiple binding