Kevin Rose: From Wunderkind to Wiseman

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Kevin Rose: From Wunderkind to Wiseman Millionaire entrepreneur Kevin Rose may not be as well-known as founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey, but he has been influential in the tech sphere for many years. Through his diverse career, Rose has exhibited many entrepreneurial traits ranging from calculated risk taking to the ability to see an opportunity in the market. Kevin Rose took a risk early in his career, dropping out of his home-town University of Las Vegas to work full-time as a programmer. He was met with an opportunity to work on TechTV’s “The Screen Savers,” a show that focused on technology and computers. As a host, Rose gained notoriety in Silicon Valley and was able to meet many of “Silicon Valley’s biggest players” (“Robert”). One of those big players, Steve Wosniak, inspired Rose to set out to start his own innovative business. After an interview with the Apple co-founder, he became envious of thrill of entrepreneurship, especially in the tech industry. In 2004, Rose founded Digg, a social news website. Digg allows users to submit news ...

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