Kant Dubois Philosophy Of Race

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Realism about race: Kant, Blumenbach, DuBois, and Locke
The philosophy of race is the discipline that studies economical, political and social aspects between different races all over the world. Though there are key areas where the study of philosophy of race has been focused, it is evident through different philosophers that the study of race is widespread across all societies in the world. There has been different argument regarding racism and discrimination with critics claiming that racism and discrimination only affect African America and Asians. Well, to some extent, their argument is valid. If we look at the history of racism and discrimination, many African Americans have experienced it more than natives. Few natives have experienced racism. This paper is a discussion of realism about race by looking at Kant, Blumenbach, DuBois, and Locke argument about realism of race.
To begin with, realism is an approach given by philosophers which suggest that we should deal with racism the way it is, allowing us to deal with any challenge from the fact that we acknowledge that there is a problem. It is the true description of the natural events without interfering with the available facts of the subject matter. Realism gives people the ability to accept what we see. If you see race then race is what you get. In fact, philosophers argue that racism will never end since we all belong to different races. The philosophy of realism calls for people to accept racism is what is in front of us thus we should not pretend that it does not exist. Through this approach, we are able to understand the root cause of racism and come up with a solution on how to deal with challenges brought by our different...

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...survive in their new home. Both whites and black people emerged from a single descent; hence they are referred as the same species (human beings). The fact that white and blacks belong to different races does not imply they different to one another. Migration is also the cause of the existence of different cultures. People from all parts of the world should therefore not view one another as different despite the fact that they belong to different races.

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