Normative Ethics: Society Determines What Moral and Ethical Act or Action is Correct and Acceptable

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Normative ethics are those ethical principles and values that are considered morally correct and express principles of good character, actions that are viewed as right rather than wrong and are commonly accepted and reasonable. The prompt in this assignment refers to the requirement of “the existence of normative” requiring the practice of normative ethics in how individuals and society determine what moral and ethical act or action is correct and acceptable. Normative ethics embraces the philosophical theory of a normal sense of morals and principles that would be proper and acknowledged as positive and good. The prompt also refers to the “oppressed” fighting a futile or ineffective battle for a mutual ethical relationship. This struggle has the potential to be resolved with culturally diverse and ethnically different populations including blacks and whites adopting the concept and theory of normative ethics, and living life together recognizing and practicing the underlying principle as to one’s actions being right and appropriate and not wrong or immoral.

Philosophical ethics have three components they include: normative ethics, meta-ethics and applied ethics. Normative ethics as used in the assigned prompt aim at identifying human actions that are acceptable and unacceptable. Meta-ethics is the study or theory of how humans determine right and wrong from a moral perception and applied ethics deals with the specific analysis of controversial issues as well as moral issues. In my opinion, all three of these components come into play when addressing the ethical relationship between blacks and whites. Ethics can be described as conduct or behavior that applies to a group of people and those people control what might be et...

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...lects our historical ethnicities more accurately.

To gain a better understanding and develop a positive attitude and acceptance of the varying ethnic and cultural differences we have in society today in the modern world, we need to step back and examine and study the philosophical views of ancient philosophers and attempt to modify the traditional mind set of today’s population in regards to racism. We are in fact all human, all cultures, all ethnic groups, all races, all skin color and cannot be compared to other living creatures, we can make judgments, we know right from wrong, we all have the opportunity to succeed. We as the human race must re-evaluate our morals which define our personal character and strive to make healthier and better decision in our lives on issues that affect our fellow man, as well as being ethical in our social lives and activities.

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