Juvenile Delinquents Tried as Adults

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Juvenile delinquents should be tried as adults for their heinous crimes. For a variety of reasons. First, children through the ages of 12–17 are entirely capable of understanding the acts of crime they commit and are fully aware of what they are seeking. Furthermore, these delinquents, if not tried as adults, may be let go and set free to pursue more crimes if not helped in the proper ways. In addition, these young criminals have not fully developed their moral capacities, in which causes these criminals to grow up with the morals they began with, which may only be fixed through putting time and kept in cells, away from innocent civilians. Although, there have been rare occasions in which the defendant is sent to rehabilitation centers to improve these behaviors, however, further research is needed to put this counterclaim to rest. Therefore, there is no room for young criminals to roam the safe homes of people with their horrible acts of crime, and so they must be tried as adults and take full responsibility of their actions.
Juvenile justice is a case that is being fought frequently in court due to juveniles being tried as an adult. In the case of Chancy Luna, Edwards James, and Michael Jones, three teens ruthlessly killed Australian Baseball player, Christopher Lane, by shooting him in the back with a .22 revolver. These three teens have no rights in the court of law. Crimes like as heinous as these are the kind that should not be given any mercy when sentencing them to life in prison. New York Daily News article stated, “In the days after the slaying, Duncan Police Chief Dan Ford said the older boy told investigators that the three were "bored" and decided to kill someone for the "fun of it."” Evidence reveal that these thre...

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...ted by a problem they have which also has to do with the parents big time, because, it is their job to make sure their son or daughter is always feeling comfortable with their environment. It really falls back on the parents when their child does something so heinous, but no matter what the crime is committed and should always be set in stone that no teen can get away with committing a murder.
In conclusion, blameworthy teenagers should be fully responsible of their actions and be tried as adults. This will serve our country and others for the better and avoid future acts of crime from these delinquents. There have been various occasions in which young adolescents commit adult crimes and have been let off, it is time that they begin being tried as adults and given the requisite sentences. No teen should be let off to have another chance at committing another crime.
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