Junk Food In America Essay

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In America, obesity affects a large number of Americans, and that number is still rising each day. American people run into the quickest and easiest way they love to eat, which is resolving into junk food. Americans are too lazy to make a homemade meal at home. More American families have gone into buying fast food for their children and to spend less time with their family. Americans love to eat junk food because it is quick, cheaper, convenient, and sometimes rewarding. Americans choose fast food because it is quick and easy to get. Drive through restaurants are one of these reasons. Americans families have long days at work and at school, so they decide to buy fast food; fast food restaurants can be located no further than a mile to find and can only takes no more than five minutes to get an order. The next reason is pre-packed snacks and meals. They are easy to get and ready to go; with maybe adding something into it for example, top ramen only needs water and only takes three minutes to cook. Lastly, when you are at work or at school, you only have a maximum of an hour to eat; eating healthy is not an option because it takes about a half hour to make a meal with rice, beans, and meat for tacos and to cut …show more content…

On Fridays or Weekends many American families like to encourage their children to not have any junk food during the week, but to wait until Friday to give them fast food; also on the weekends many teens and young adults like to go to fast food joints to eat with friends. Many Americans love to reward themselves from finishing something like, a hard homework assignment or a long project for school, which can involve junk food. Americans also love to reward themselves with junk food after school or work, so they can have something to look forward for the end of the day. It is not a bad thing to reward yourself with something sweet, but also think about reward yourself that it is not junk

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