Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

This is the attractive story based on true history of the birth of the

Roman Empire, beginning with the brutal murder of their leader, Julius

Caesar. Three of the characters show the human traits of being

three-dimensional and dynamic, Anthony, Caesar's loyal companion;

Cassius, one of the conspirators; and Caesar himself.

This story begins from a Caesar’s returning from a war. He brings a

lot of money, slaves glory. Romans are very proud of him and they all

love him. But Brutus, his friend, and Casius are jealous of him and

they lead a team of men to conspire and kill the rule of Rome, Julius

Caesar. They think that Caesar is too ambition. So along with

cd-conspirators they kill him. Immediately after the death of Caesar ,

Brutus tells Marc Antony that he, too, loved Caesar but this personal

tie is not so important as public consideration.

On Caesar’s funeral Brutus does a good oration where he explains that

they killed Julius Caesar “not because they didn’t love him, but

because they love Rome much more that him. But than Marc Antony, a

real friend to Caesar, is given the opportunity to speak at Caesar’s

funeral as long as he accepts by Brutus’ rules “not to blame him and

other conspirators”, to speak only good of Caesar, and to speak in the

same way as Brutus went with his speech.

Challenged by the crowd and supporting the conspirator’s purpose Marc

Antony begins his speech. He uses combination of irony, repetitive

diction to “sway” his audience. He does so without guilt or regret

towards the crowd. He thinks about payback and he influence the crowd

that he does not want any harm to murders. The most effective

technique Antony uses in persuading as audience. “Brutus says Caesar

was ambitious and Brutus is an honourable man“.

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