Judicial Misconduct

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Founders of the United States of America believed in providing the people of this great nation with a fair, and impartial judicial system. The basic rights of the people, which are listed in the Bill of Rights, needed to be respected and protected by the government. Abraham Lincoln once said “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”. Every part of the United States government has a duty to protect the people that gave the government power, and one organization in particular plays a very large role in this charge. The Judicial System of the United States America is a complex organization constructed to uphold the authority of the Constitution, and federal law. The judges within the judicial system must uphold an honest, and fair regiment when attempting to define justice during a case in any of the different courts; without this, the rights guaranteed to the people would be voided of any value and the judicial system, or the judges in particular, would fail to meet the duties they are charged with. Judges are government officials who must follow strict principles and rules in order to justly uphold the constitution, and the laws of the U.S., and when these officials do not, they must be punished to prevent further misconduct from occurring.
The United States Judicial system consists of two different types of courts, federal and state courts. The federal courts are separate from the state courts, or a dual court system, both differing in function, size, and significance (Neubauer, 2010). The majority of courts are trial courts, the courts in which trials are held by a judge, and consist of lawyers, defendants, victims, witnesses, and all the other typical court room players. ...

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