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J.P Morgan One Of the Great Investor and Innovator of the Gilded Age
John Pierpont otherwise known as J.P. Morgan was an important figure during the Gilded Age as a major contributor in General Electric, innovator in U.S Steel, and assiduous in keeping railroads financed. The Gilded Age occurred during the late 19th century which is known for its great inventions, ideas and innovation. Despite this false greatness, corruption and shady business was deeply involved during this era. This was a result of the Panic of 1893 where Social Darwinism was applied in society. The rich became ruthless in order to become more powerful in society and the weak, unneeded became hungry or bankrupt. J.P Morgan was part of the rich and powerful who dominated in all things and searched for any kind of investment that would bring him more wealth and power.
One of the many investments J.P Morgan was involved in was in General Electric. General Electric were one of the many companies that became extremely wealthy. It actually became one of America's biggest companies. Before he was able to actually receive any money from the company, Morgan had to pay nearly 2 million dollars. Along …show more content…

In 1901 Carnegie sold his steel company to J.P Morgan which became the first billion dollar company in history creating the U.S Steel Company. Morgan invested more than $492 million in his steel company. Due to his large investment, U.S Steel became one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world. J.P Morgan gained much wealth during his life, much of which he used to single handedly save the US economy from recession. In 1895, Morgan gave the U.S 100 million dollars, which now is worth 3 billion today. J.P Morgan one of the many men who helped build america to what it is today, was able to do that by investing in resources that America was in need of such as steel, transportation or railroads, and

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