Journal entry: Feeling like I don´t Belong in this School

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Have I ever felt like I did not belong? Yes I have I feel that way in the school that I am in.

The school that I am in is for gang members and drug attics and people who fight to much. that’s just not me, I don’t do drugs, I don’t fight, and I hate gangs beyond belief.

All the kids in the class get out of school and go smoke weed or do other drugs and get into fights. And I don’t do any of these things and Mr. Curtis calls my dad when I leave after school to got have a ice cream sundae with hot fudge and gets me in trouble. I don’t understand he lets everyone else leave and go do what ever they want I have to sit in the classroom lintel my mom gets there. Everyone makes fun of me because I dot do any of those things then I get in trouble for putting my head down or not sitting up in my chair.

Also I hate telling people that I go there. They ask me “where do you go to school?� I have to say “I go to community day, it’s a school for all the screw ups.� it is so embarrassing to tell my friends that. Even my friends I haven’t talked to in a long time, just yesterday I ran into a girl I met at church a while back we became great friends then lost touch for a while and she asked me where am going to school now. So she thinks I’m some drugie gang banger.

Or ill meet a girl out and about and we will exchange phone numbers and chat for a while and she will ask where do you go to school I don’t see you around liberty? And my parents cant be proud of me, they cant tell there friends how good I am doing.

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