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Founded in 1886 by introducing medicinal plasters and antiseptic surgical dressings, Johnson & Johnson has grown to be one of the leading health care products company in the world. In its extensive history of over 125 years Johnson & Johnson’s product mix vary from pharmaceutical, personal care products, medical devices and diagnostics with the largest being pharmaceuticals.
The product I chose to research was Listerine mouthwash. Listerine was first invented as a surgical antiseptic in 1879 and later repositioned as an oral care product to dentists in 1895. Listerine was the first over the counter mouthwash sold in the United States in the year 1915. Since then the brand continued to expand its product line consisting of different types of mouthwashes targeting specific areas of oral concern. Listerine’s product mix is not limited to mouthwash, but also includes gel toothpaste, breath freshening strips and mouth freshening sprays.
Listerine created a market for mouthwash in the 1920’s when they marketed it as a solution to chronic halitosis. However, in 1983, a new feature was added in which Listerine also fights plaque making it more desirable for consumers concerned with dental hygiene. Today, it continues to fight bad breath, and plaque having 70% of the total market share. According to Johnson & Johnson’s 2012 Annual Report one of the positive contributors to operational results was international sales of Listerine oral care products.

I. Environmental Analysis
1. Economic Forces
The economic forces affecting the company include inflation and fluctuations in interest and currency exchange rates. Additional challenges include technological advances and Johnson & Johnson’s competition and patents attained by com...

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...e store prices range from $3.25 to $6.49
3. Promotion
Listerine uses various types of promotion to target their audience such as advertising in television ads, ads at retail locations, promotional or discount coupons in store, in print or online. It also uses magazines and social media to advertise their product.
4. Distribution
Listerine products can be found at retail outlets, convenience stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, online.

V. Implementation – Marketing Structure
With product labels such as Crest Pro Health, Colgate Total, Scope, Biotene and Act, Listerine is positioned in a Perfect Competition. It needs to pay attention to the new studies that are coming out and make changes accordingly if it wants to maintain its current strong position. With its trusted brand and reputation I believe it will continue to be a leading product in the industry.

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