Creative Writing: Johnny Walker

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Johnny Walker

Sera walked into Circle K on fifth st. without noticing it had not been remodeled since 1986, and that someone from another, more financially kept city might actually find the convenience store to be disgusting, the dirt being so thick on the windows that you could only see blurry faces on the inside. Inside she saw five people in the store and believed that all of them were staring at her, looking through her like they knew more about herself than she did. The clerk, she thought, had even looked up from her monotonous duties at the cash register to glance her wrinkled leathery face in Sera's direction.

An ugly bum in the beer section reached into the cooler with a calloused black hand as Sera walked through the candy aisle …show more content…

She smiled back sheepishly without knowing why and took the Budweiser out of the fridge that Liza had sent for her to get. She thought of Liza as she stood in line behind the old bum. Her face, an illusion in her mind, made out of the back of the bums scraggily black afro.

When she walked out the door the bum stood outside with his paper bagged forty in his hand. "Need any help with that tonight?" He grinned with a yellow and half tooth full mouth. "I tend to get pretty thirsty." He held up his forty as if to clarify his thought to Sera.

Sera looked at the black man and saw how gross he looked, and then thought why not bring someone back to the apartment for Liza to fuck …show more content…

His beard unshaven and his hair uncut, sticking out from his head like half was windblown and half wasn't. His eyes droopy and his cheeks sagging.

"Hello Luther." Sera put a hand on his shoulder as she passed by him into the apartment.

"I will have the rent. My check from the Government will have come by then," Luther said.

Liza stopped beating a pair of Levis against her wall and walked heavily back to her wash bucket by the window. Sera glanced nonchalantly at the silent children sleeping on the floor next to the wall, their bones poking through their skin and their cheeks sunken into their skulls. They were cuddled together against the wall as if it might provide them warmth.

Sera set the beer on a small round table that sat near the wall with the window. She noticed the dirty bum had followed her inside and was looking at the children and the drooping water stains that fell down every wall in the apartment, giving a stench of mildew to the

In this essay, the author

  • Asks liza if johnny would like to fuck one of those kids over there.
  • Describes how sera walked into circle k without noticing it hadn't been remodeled since 1986. she saw five people in the store and believed they knew more about her than she did.
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