John Wesley: Living a Perfect Christian Life

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Perfection is what some people, and not necessarily just Christian people, strive for all their lives. I believe, along with Wesley, that a Christian can live a perfect life, but it does not happen right at salvation but that it is a continual work. I believe the order of a Christian's walk is salvation, justification (sanctification), the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and then perfection. I plan to prove that Christians can live a perfect life and that it can be achieved before death. A person goes to the alter in church and gives their life over to God. I believe this is the most exciting thing that can happen in a person's life, but what comes after salvation. Does all the habits of smoking, foul language, having premarital sex, or drinking just go away? I believe that all of the old habits a person has in them are still there but there but God has instilled His power into their lives that they may have the power to overcome it, and to get rid of it. "Let your soul be filled withso entire a love to Him, that you may love nothing but for His sake. Have a pure intention of heart, a steadfast regard to His glory in all your actions." (Wesley 8) People expect a person to get saved and to become a perfect person just because of one prayer that lasted about five minutes or less, but I believe that it is a work that takes years to accomplish in your life. I grew up in the Church of God denomination in where we believe in the seperate work of sanctification. I have always grown up believing that you could live a perfect, sinless life. I have always wanted to get to that point of where I don't want to sin anymore and that I don't have any real struggle with it because Jesus has filled my heart, my mind, and my soul so much ... ... middle of paper ... I will be able to say that I have lived, even if just one day, a perfect Christian life in that God would be proud of me that I have strived to be like His son Jesus and that I have strived after heavenly things. "Savior from sin, I wait to prove That Jesus is Thy healing name; To lose, when perfected in love, Whate'er I have, or can, or am; I stay me on Thy faithful work, "The servant shall be as his Lord." Answer that gracious end in me For which Thy precious life was given; Redeem from all iniquity, Restore, and make me meet for heaven. Unless Thou purgemy every stain, Thy suffering and my faith are vain." (Wesley 31) Works Cited The Holy Bible: New International Version. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009. Print. Russie, A. (Ed.). (2011). The Essential Works of John Wesley. Barbour Publishing. Retrieved from
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