What Is Self Oriented Perfection In Society

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Perfection in Society
In todays society to be “perfect” one must follow society’s criteria. This criteria can depend on what type of perfection one is following. There are different types of perfection such as self oriented perfection, socially prescribed perfection, other oriented perfection, overt perfection, and covert perfection. These types of perfection are all different in how a person is “perfect”. Trying to be perfect can have its benefits but it causes mental health problems that make it not worth it. Rachel Rettner said, “Though perfection is an impossible goal, striving for it can be a boon for one's health, causing one to stick to exercise programs to a tee, say, or follow a strict regimen for treating chronic illnesses like type …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that perfection is a huge problem in today's society everywhere in the world.
  • Explains that self-oriented perfectionists have exceedingly high personal standards, strive for perfection, and expect themselves to be perfect.
  • Explains that other oriented perfectionists set unrealistic standards for significant others and a stringent evaluation of others' performances.
  • Explains that covert perfectionists are hard to identify because their actions don't always match the perfectionistic thoughts in their head. holding in all these ideas of perfection can stress one out and possibly make them consider taking their life.
  • Explains that they intend to recruit their participants through finding people they are regularly with and interviewing them personally.
  • Explains that their research was gathered through interviews with the participants. the open ended questions were chosen because they relate to the topic of perfection and relate with their thesis.
  • Explains that participants will be asked 10 questions to answer the research questions in complete honesty about the topic. the participant's identities will remain hidden from others.

In the article “Other-oriented Perfectionism Vs. Self-oriented Perfectionism” by James Anderson, he states, “Self-oriented perfectionists have exceedingly high personal standards, strive for perfection and expect themselves to be perfect.” Anderson, James. "Other-oriented Perfectionism Vs. Self-oriented Perfectionism." ReliaWire, 14 May 2015. This type of perfectionist can cause mental health problems in people by having them struggle to reach the standards said in the above quote. One thing that one with self oriented perfection might struggle with is low self esteem because of their high standards. Another example of the different types of perfection would be Socially Prescribed perfection. “…believe that others hold unrealistic expectations for their behavior (and that they can't live up to this); experience external pressure to be perfect, believe others evaluate them critically.” Pychyl, Timothy A. “What Flavor of Perfectionist Are You? It Matters!” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 30 Apr. 2008, For one to believe that others want them to accomplish unrealistic standards can really affect the way someone feels about oneself. For some it might make one feel like one is unable to accomplish anything and …show more content…

Participants/ Recruitment:
The number of individuals in my targeted population is six. The genders of these six were 5 females and 1 male. The participants are within the age group of 15+. I intend to recruit my participants through finding people that I am regularly with. My participants will be interviewed personally.
II. Interview Questions
My research was gathered through interviews with the participants. My participants will have to answer a total of 10 questions about perfection. The questions are open ended questions. These questions in particular were chosen because they relate to the topic of perfection and relate with my thesis by showing that perfection can have a negative effect in the participants opinion.

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