Johann Sebastian Bach And Johannes Brahm Research Paper

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Leah Selk
Throughout history there have been many great and inspiring composers and conductors. Two of the greatest men in the history are Johann Sebastian Bach and Johannes Brahms. The music these two men composed and conducted is some of the greatest music of all time, even with different styles. While Bach showed deep spiritual commitment, Brahms focused on simply composing classical pieces. Even though many did not like them at the time, their music has changed the music world forever.
Johann Sebastian Bach, who was alive from 1685 to 1750 wrote in Baroque style for his compositions. The Baroque period of a time was when many artists expressed deep emotions through their works. Many chose painting and sculpting to express their feelings during this time period, but Bach expressed his through his music. Johann Bach first started composing his music for the church services or other special events. He had amazing technical skill which helped land him his first job as the organist at the New Church in Arnstadt. At his first job at the church he wrote for the religious services as well as being a music instructor. In 1707 he made a transition to work at the Church of St. Blaise in Mühlhausen. While he was there, he clashed with the Pastor. But the pastor was the only person who did not like his music. After a year of working with that pastor, Duke Wilhelm Ernst in Weimar gave Johann a job composing and playing music for him. While working for Duke Wilhelm, Bach wrote on of his most famous pieces; “Herz und Mund und Tat.” As Johann’s music started becoming more famous, more royalty wanted him. Prince Leopold of Anhalt Cöthen was on royal who wanted him. However, Duke Wilhelm did not want to give Bach away. T...

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...ew they were good at what they did, but their arrogance and their ability to do what they wanted with music, angered many people while they lived. For both men, their music didn’t hit their peaks of fame until they were dead. Both composers also resembled the works of Beethoven and Mozart.
Throughout history there have been many men and women who have made an impact on the music world. Two of the greatest men however were Mr. Johann Sebastian Bach and Mr. Johannes Brahms. Through their music they both found ways to change the music world. While Bach expressed his emotions in his writing, Brahms wrote to perform the music. The differences however both led to inspiring others. Also they had similarities that now have come together to further music even more. Inspiring people through their music may not have been their goal at first, but they truly have now.
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