Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a family of musicians. It was only natural for him to pick up an instrument and excel in it. His father taught him how to play the violin and harpsichord at a very young age. All of Bach’s uncles were professional musicians, one of them; Johann Christoph Bach introduced him to the organ. Bach hit a turning point in his life when both of his parents died at the age of ten years old. Bach’s older brother Johann Christoph Bach took him in and immediately expanded his knowledge in the world of music. He taught him how to play the clavichord and exposed him to great composers at the time. At the age of fourteen, Bach and his good friend George Erdmann were awarded a choral scholarship to the prestigious musical school St. Michael’s in Luneburg. From then on, Bach began to build his career in the music industry. His first two years at the school he sang in the school’s a cappella choir. Historical evidence has shown that Bach at a young age would visit Johanniskirche and would listen to the works of organ player Jasper Johannsen. This was thought to have been the inspiration to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Studying at the prestigious musical school has help Bach network his way around and become acquaintances’ with some of the best organ players at the time such as Georg Böhm, and Johann Adam Reincken. Through his acquaintance with Böhm and Reincken Bach had access to some of the greatest and finest instruments.

Shortly after graduating form St. Michaels, Bach took upon a job as a court musician, though it had nothing to do with playing musical instruments. After working as a court musician for quite some time he was able to find a position playing the organ at the local church in St. Bonifa...

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...deo to find the differences between the original and techno remix. Some of the comments made on the original video are as follows: “haha amazing. some king complimented bach on his fantastic ability once and he replied with something like "Oh it's easy, you just have to press all the right keys at all the right times and the instrument plays itself" haha”, “WOW!! It seems like you would need 5 hands to play this song!!!! Brilliant!” and “even with today's ples in comparison to hearing it played on a true pipe organ..the notes do not float together as JS Bach job..but still enjoyable nonetheless..”.


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