Jeffersonian Presidents

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Biography: George Washington was the first child born to his parents, who were slightly wealthy land owners in Virginia. (George Washington Biography) However, he was a brother to eight full and half brothers and sisters. (Revolutionary War) In his adolescent years, Washington became proficient in farm work and surveying, preferring these to schooling. While in his twenties and upon the death of his half-brother, George became the owner of his family’s lands, but was soon called to serve in the Virginia militia. Washington’s initial military career was humiliating. He was captured during a battle with the French. Then after being released, Washington and his army were forced to retreat when attacked by the French and Indians. Even though George Washington had a rough start to his military profession, he became a great commander of the colonial army during its campaign to gain independence. Accomplishments: Throughout Washington’s life, he worked in ten governmental agencies. However, his first venture in politics was when elected to the House of Burgesses in Virginia. (Revolutionary War) During his term, he presented the assembly with a motion asking them to decline to buy British items. It was at the House that he met Thomas Jefferson, whom he would later ask to take the position of Secretary of State. George was also key in presiding over a meeting that started the First Continental Congress, a group that elected him to be a member. In 1775, Washington was given the station of Commander-in-Chief of the Americans when the opposing sides began to fight. Early in this challenge, he didn’t experience many victories. Nevertheless, he easily won the battle in Boston, driving the British away. Washington also triumphed over the Hess... ... middle of paper ... ... Jefferson’s life was spent in political positions where he attempted to show Americans the way to a better life. Without Jefferson’s influence our country would not have the same freedoms we enjoy. For instance, he fought for slavery to end, but believed that whites and ex-slaves couldn’t live together and wanted to send them to their home countries. If he had won this argument, our land would be poorer because of what the African American people bring to our diverse communities. Our great nation began with winning our freedom from Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson expanded our land and sent a group of men to explore it. This land purchase created a place for our growing population to move into. He also looked to the future of our nation by forming the University of Virginia and giving his personal collection of books to the Library of Congress when it burned down.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that george washington was the first child born to his parents, who were wealthy land owners in virginia. he became proficient in farm work and surveying, preferring these to schooling.
  • Explains that george washington's first venture in politics was when he was elected to the house of burgesses in virginia. he fought in an impressive fourteen battles during the revolution.
  • Explains that george washington was a reserved child, who obtained only an elementary schooling, but he made great strides throughout his life.
  • Explains that john adams was born in braintree, massachusetts as the first of three brothers. he favored hunting and farming to attending school.
  • Narrates how john adams was selected to be a member of the massachusetts assembly in 1770. he was elected to serve on the newly formed massachusetts constitutional convention and negotiated the treaty of paris.
  • Explains that john adams was a respected lawyer who feared his law career would suffer if he participated in opposing the stamp act. while serving in the second continental congress, adams led the group to speak out for freedom.
  • Explains that thomas jefferson was born in virginia as the third in line of six children. his father was an affluent plantation owner and surveyor.
  • Explains that thomas wrote his political composition in 1774 that made him a well-known promoter for american freedom.
  • Explains that thomas jefferson was an accomplished writer and a man of inspiration. he wrote great documents that helped influence and form our nation into what we have today.
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