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545 words

The Glass Castle Jeanette Walls is the picture-perfect illustration of an individual who finds righteousness for herself. She is the protagonist in the book “The Glass Castle”, who has an unfair miserable childhood due to how her parents were. Walls stands out for her determination as she goes out to the real world to seek her own justice, with the ultimate goal of being stable for once, and take responsibility for herself, not for the whole family. First and foremost, Jeanette was three years old when she was forced to learn how to cook for herself otherwise she would decease of hunger. One time, a youthful Jeanette was boiling a hotdog when she suddenly caught on fire; that accident made her remain in the hospital for several days until …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how walls is the picture-perfect illustration of an individual who finds righteousness for herself in "the glass castle". she has an unfair miserable childhood due to how her parents were.
  • Explains that jeanette and her siblings self-educated to depend on themselves at an early age because their parents were too busy being depressed and having alcohol problems.
  • Describes how jeanette and her sister lori decided to leave the family behind to pursue a better future with the intention to accomplish justice for their dreadful childhood.
  • Narrates how jeanette ended her marriage and divorced her husband, seeking a place to live by herself. she discovered peace by enforcing self-justice, facilitating her to become an extremely successful woman.

Lori was the first one to leave for New York City after graduation, later, Jeanette followed her and moved into her habitat with her. Jeanette promptly found a job as a reporter, the two sisters were both living their dream life away from their miserable parents. It wasn’t difficult for them since they cultured to be independent and tough. Everything was turning out great for them and decided to tell their younger siblings to move in with them, and they did. Jeanette was finally happy for once, enjoying the freedom she had and not having to be moved every two weeks. She then found a guy whom she married and accustomed her lifestyle. Furthermore, her parents still couldn’t have the funds for a household or to stay in stable occupation, so they decided to move in with Jeanette and her siblings. Jeanette at that moment felt like she was never going to have an ordinary life because her parents were going to shadow her. Ultimately, Jeanette made the decision of ending her marriage and divorce her husband, thus seeking a place to live by herself. All she ever desired was an impartial life and some justice who would recompense her horrifying childhood lived with her paternities. She became a tremendously famous writer, Jeanette finally discovered what peace was, by basically enforcing self-justice.

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