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In Zora Neale Hurston’s novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, she sets the protagonist, Janie Mae Crawford as a woman who wants to find true love and who is struggling to find her identity. To find her identity and true love it takes her three marriages to go through. While being married to three different men who each have different philosophies, Janie comes to understand that she is developed into a strong woman. Hurston makes each idea through each man’s view of Janie, and their relationship with the society. The lifestyle with little hope of or reason to hope for improvement. He holds a sizeable amount of land, but the couple's life involves little interaction with anyone else.

They are insignificant Logan's house is "a stump in the middle of the woods where nobody had ever been" (Hurston, 21). There exists no sense of progress in the Killicks' household, and Logan's criticism and treatment of Janie as just another pair of hands shows a open lack of respect for his wife. That Logan goes to purchase another mule for Janie to use to plow the fields reminds the reader of Nanny's earlier comparison of the black woman to a mule. Janie is useful as a wife for Logan only because she helps to get work done, just as, in Nanny's eyes; Logan is useful for Janie because he provides a stable home. For Janie, life with Logan is stable but dull. Logan and Nanny's vision of black life dictates that they remain far from whites' eyes and subsist on what they produce. The author notes that, after a while, Janie "began to stand around the gate and expect things" (Hurston, 25). This gate is the same symbolic is in charge of that Mrs. Turner speaks of when she decries how blacks limit themselves in their lives' endeavors. Janie is part of a new g...

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...ey and Tea Cake is honest with her and tries not to keep anything a secret. Although if her grandmother was alive she wouldn’t agree with their relationship but, they would have the same belief. Tea Cake and Janie’s Nanny always wanted to protect Janie and wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Tea Cake’s ideal of marriage is different but, it still has it concept. Tea Cake loved Janie and allowed her to express herself. He showed the world in the way she wanted it to be shown to her.

Janie had to go through different marriages in order to find love and her identity. Each marriage had a lot of energy to be put into. They also lost something in each one. The first marriage she lost the right to not work outside. The second marriage she lost her voice or right to speak. The last marriage she lost the man who helped her find the love that she wanted and her identity.
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